Single Session Therapy: Staying Systemic Series


 “Why can’t therapy be interested in each hour as it appears and not try to thread those hours together into what’s called a process, a journey, a developmental growth?” James Hillman


Single session therapy, is an approach that sets out to maximise the potential of the first meeting with the client by viewing it as a whole. It is based on two research outcomes, showing that a large percentage of clients who do not show up for subsequent sessions (often perceived as ‘drop outs’), were in fact clients who had felt satisfaction with the ‘initial’ consultation, and that disregarding modality or type of service, most clients attend one or two sessions.

National studies have validated the use of this approach as an alternative to the use of waiting lists.


 The workshop will aim to:

·      Provide an overview of the outcomes of research carried out in Australia and overseas by organisations using this model,

·      Increase participant’s knowledge of the key principles and practices of single session therapy

·      Increase participants’ skills in applying single session interviewing techniques.

·      Assist participants to consider the ways in which single session therapy could be implemented in their agency


Details: 1.00pm -4.00pm Friday, 2nd August 2013

Venue: Perth Flying Squadron Yacht Club, The Esplanade, Dalkeith

Fees: $77.00 (GST inclusive)

Facilitator: Roxanne Garven, Director, Systemic Consultation Centre



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