Tailored, onsite training in Family and Systemic Therapy for agencies

This is beneficial for teams who want to train together and includes designing a program specifically to match the agency’s context and their specific needs. It also includes a free consultation with the agency in order to ensure that the training needs are met. 

Onsite consultation can also include supervising live family work, consulting to team’s work via observing taped sessions or through oral presentations. It includes the provision of reading texts to consolidate and extend the consultation aims.

As this is a tailored service and can often include travel time, please contact Roxanne to discuss.

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Case Study

A Family Therapy team in a metro Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service requested systemic consultation to enhance their family therapy practice, and to support their team cohesion and effectiveness.

We meet monthly where the team selects a case to review, with a focus on their challenges, and their hopes for the consultation. Sometimes, the team wants to look at different hypothesis for understanding the problem, other times, the team wants to look at strategies for lifting them out of a particular impasse. At times, the team presents a video segment of a particular session, at other times, there is an oral presentation of the family and its wider system. 

Various consulting approaches are used to produce new perspectives and ideas for helping families, and that also elicit the team’s strengths and competencies.



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