I often reflect on your service and the positive outcomes that we achieved from attending your sessions.   

I wanted to say thank you for putting our family back on track. Your kind and patient approach really helped us to reconnect and grow to understand each other better. It was a difficult process for X but he handled it considerably well and has moved forward more positively since then.   

Our relationship has developed and we have more respect for each other now. It's more of a two way street and I'm more confident in saying what I think or actioning some discipline with the girls. His relationship with our daughter is a better version of what it was before we saw you. It's not perfect but certainly much much better.  Our other daughter is growing up and surprising me every day in the way that she handles herself.  

We turned a corner in our relationship, it greatly benefitted our family and it was due to your careful and diplomatic mentoring. 

Family Therapy client 
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The skills I have learned with Roxanne Garven have greatly shaped my therapeutic practice in the work I do with children and adolescents and their families. It has helped me have an increased awareness of how the position of a therapist can influence the direction of therapy sessions and the importance of remaining neutral and curious as opposed to prescriptive and directive. I hope to continue developing my skills as a family therapist and I greatly value the possibility Roxanne offers to access ongoing supervision after having finished my training.

Post Graduate course trainee
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Being a part of Roxanne's training course for 2.5 years has enriched my practice for working with families. The course was structured at an appropriate pace and Roxanne has a beautiful way of grading the content to fit the groups needs from week to week. It was a pleasure and honour to work with families and have the guidance of a reflective team.

Roxanne has a lovely way of balancing comfort and challenge to enable professional growth. All skills learnt were very relevant and transferable to my clinical practice with families and teams. I consider Roxanne a mentor and someone I would recommend any professional to for clinical supervision or family for systemic intervention.

Post Graduate course trainee
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Roxanne's approach to supervision is grounded in neutrality and non judgement. With some of my highly complex cases she has been very helpful. She is able to see macro perspective and her questioning style provides lots of clarity. Furthermore, her questioning invites further ethical and philosophical reflections that I find very useful.

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Roxanne I wanted to say thank you for facilitating and enabling such a safe environment in which to ask questions, share and learn. It has been wonderful to be part of a training which was methodically put together with each week building on the next. At the very beginning you provided ideas and theories which were challenging and eye opening and at all times you enabled questions and challenges to these ideas and theories and allowed each one of us to share openly our own perspectives with the absence of shutting down or dismissing. Roxanne I looked forward each week to observing how you would role model practicing in this way and admired, your stance, consistently, of curiosity with both our training group and the families that came with their hope for change.

Post Graduate course trainee
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In short you have been a core piece of what was required to bring our blended family into a more cohesive whole. We found you warm, responsive and deeply connected to both what was evident and what was 'underneath' in our sessions. Your professionalism was never compromised by your authentic empathy - we were always clear that you genuinely cared and were committed to the best outcome for us all, both individually and collectively. I recommend you regularly to others for your skilled, compassionate practice.

Thank you so much for everything.

Family Therapy Client.

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