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Using the reflecting team process for agency case reviews, peer supervision and consultations : October 28th 2016

When Tom Andersen, supervising behind a one-way screen, was unable to facilitate a change in a supervisee’s interactions with a family, he switched the sound and light on in the observation room so that the family and therapist could see the team and hear them reflect on the family’s situation.

 This practice sensitive and creative response to a supervisory difficulty gave birth to the popular reflecting team process and lead to the gradual replacement of the “hidden team” in family therapy. These structural changes in format embodied other changes – one of which was, inviting families to give their feedback on the team’s reflections.

       In this workshop, the presenter will talk about her experience of using this reflecting team process when consulting to mental health agencies and their teams.

The workshop would be of interest to team leaders and clinicians who are looking to add to their existing ways of reviewing cases either for clinical reviews, peer supervision or consultations.  This process has been described as useful for enhancing team cohesion and creativity, and for broadening the range of the team’s therapeutic interventions.

 The workshop would also suit clinicians who work as external systemic consultants.

 The seminar will:


·       Explore the differences and effects of moving the reflecting team process from a therapy context to an organisational context

·       Explore the effects of this process on “stuck cases”, team relationships, team creativity and clinical outcomes

·       Provide ideas and “maps” for implementation


The workshop will offer opportunities for participants to facilitate a reflecting team process and to experience the position of a reflecting team member in a simulated case review.


Roxanne Garven

Director, Systemic Consultation Centre, Perth, WA

0423 165 971










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