Systemic Consultation Centre
Post- Graduate Course in Systemic Family Therapy comprising: Foundation Level (1 year) and Advanced Level (1 year) plus Advanced Level clinical supervision (1 year).

2014 Programme.

“Before I treat a patient like yourself I need to know a great deal more about him than the patient can always tell me. Indeed, it is often the case that my patients are only pieces of a total situation, which I have to explore. The single patient who is ill by himself, is rather the exception.”   T.S. Eliot in “ The Cocktail Hour” (1940).

Applications are invited from counselling professionals who are interested in adding systemic therapy and family therapy to their skills.

Foundation Level - Year 1: Training and practice for clinicians wishing to understand and begin applying the core concepts of systemic theory and practice.
Advanced Level – Year 2: Training and practice for clinicians who have completed an adequate introductory level of systemic study and who are currently working with systemic ideas in their clinical practice.
Advanced Level – Year 3: Offers 50 hours of clinical and live supervision to those who have completed 2 years of systemic study and practice and are wanting to apply for clinical membership of the Queensland Association of Family Therapy and the Psychotherapists and Counsellor’s Federation of Australia.

Overview of Course Format for Foundation and Advanced Levels
Ø The foundation and advanced level year 2 meets weekly for 5 hours over 40 weeks, from February to December 2014. The advanced level year 3 meets fortnightly for 2 hours. The venue has close circuit television and video recording facilities.
Ø Learning is facilitated via: weekly article seminars, theory presentations, observation of live demonstration interviews, simulation of family interviews, skill development exercises.
Ø Supervised clinical practice in the course’s low fee counselling service. Video analysis of clinical work.

Exploring the influences of the participants’ beliefs and context on the therapist/ client relationship.

Key Outcomes of the Graduate Course (both levels)
Ø Enhanced understanding and application of the key principles of systemic and socialconstructionist approaches (solution focused and narrative therapies), and their influence on counselling practice with individuals, couples, and families.
Ø  Application of these model’s views on problem development and resolution in family systems and wider systems
Ø Increased understanding of social and personal beliefs about race, gender and sexuality, and their place in systemic practice.
Ø Increased awareness of the processes in which meanings to problems are constructed in families, in the therapeutic relationship and in wider systems
Ø Improved clinical skills, such as:
§ Systemic hypothesis for treatment planning
§ Interviewing skills in systemic, narrative and solution focused approaches
§ Designing therapeutic interventions 
§ Assessing and responding to referrals
§ Working with wider systems
§ Self-reflexivity of the therapist
§ Developing reflecting team skills

Fees: For foundation and advanced level - $3,950(incl. GST) per year includes annual subscription of the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Family Therapy. Advanced level 3 fees are dependent on the number of trainees in the group.
No: of participants: Maximum 8. 6 in advanced level 3 
Course venue: 203 Park Street, Subiaco
Dates: Foundation Level: Tuesday, , 28th January 2014 1.00pm – 6.00pm

Accreditation Status: Pending accreditation from the Australian Association of Family Therapy.
Further information on both course levels:  Please contact Roxanne Garven (course director) on mob: 0423 165 971  or by email: or visit

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