What the research says about family and systemic therapy…..

Systemic Family Therapy provides effective help for people with an extraordinarily wide range of difficulties.

The list below is a summary of results of many research studies. To read the full review of these research studies, go here.evidencebaseofsystemicfam/

For families with children and adolescents 
· Conduct problems, including oppositional behaviour
· Emotional disorders including anxiety, depression and grief following bereavement
· Substance misuse
· Eating disorder
· As a second-line treatment for depression and chronic illness.
· Childhood physical abuse and neglect;
· Difficulties and problems with attention and overactivity;
· Psychosomatic problems

Family therapy with adults

o Psychotic disorders
o Depression
o Mood disorders
o Drug and alcohol misuse
o Anorexia (adult as well as adolescent) and bulimia
o Distress in couple relationships.
o Chronic pain management
o Management of neurologically impaired adults
o Treatment of psychosexual difficulties
o Marital conflict and distress
o Anxiety disorders
o Agoraphobia with panic disorder
Obsessive-compulsive disorder
o Major depression and bipolar disorder



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